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July 3rd, 2017 by Admin

Hi! birthday party expert, Suzanne Gorham here. I’m very happily married and the mother of three extraordinary little girls.

With experience in corporate event planning and having thrown more than 20 of my own kid birthday parties, my friends and family have coined me as the master of party planning.

After being asked time and time again, ‘How do you do it and make it look so easy?’ I created to share my tried and true formula for a great party.

But that is just part of my story. is more than a resource created by a birthday party expert. This website represents my biggest achievement – a balanced personal and professional life full of happiness, and on my own terms.

There was a time when I willingly participated in the ‘rat race’. As a young professional woman in the cutting-edge wireless industry, I successfully rose in the management ranks and felt as if I was achieving my greatest goals.

That all changed when I became a Mom.

The jet-setting lifestyle attending marketing meetings from coast to coast – staying at the finest hotels, eating at the trendiest restaurants and VIP tickets to the hottest events lost its allure.

From the outside looking in, I’m certain that many thought I had it all. By age 30 I had achieved a great degree of professional success, I had a beautiful daughter, a baby girl on the way and a loving husband who supported a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to our household responsibilities. And to top it off, I loved retail therapy and looked the part.

I remember sitting in my office, one of the few female district leaders on ‘executive row,’ with floor to ceiling windows, thinking I would rather be doing something else, but what? I couldn’t help but feel that my personal life was limited to the confines of my professional schedule, but I couldn’t visualize a different life. All I knew, though, is that I wanted a different life.

In the winter of 2002, we reached a turning point. My husband’s career was growing in the financial industry and he was offered a promotion, but it required a move. The move would be from Portland, Oregon to a small rural Eastern Oregon community, central to the large geography of his new territory. Without hesitation or a second thought, we jumped right in to a new lifestyle centered on our growing family.

I felt like I was on an extended vacation as I traded in my dry clean wardrobe for wash and wear, embraced being a stay at home mom, learned to cook, entertain and make our new house a home. And, with more time to plan and organize, gained even more birthday party expert experience!

After a year of complete focus on my family and home, I became antsy again for something different. I realized that I had reached the opposite extreme of where I had come from! That was the point where I created as a professional outlet of cheap party supplies, built on a subject that doesn’t seem to be work at all to me.

Truth be told, I never expected to have the opportunity to build and manage a profitable website. Fortunately, I found the answer that allowed me to follow my dreams.

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